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about us

Our Mission

Handsworth Carers Group is a small voluntary multi-cultural organisation with an aim to provide support to unpaid carers of all ages who are looking after a friend or a relative, who because of disability, illness or the effect of old age cannot manage at home without their help.

Handsworth Carers Group strives to make sure carers' unheard voice is heard and hence prevents their isolation in the communities. Our organisation has always promoted community cohesion within the local communities and have successfully held campaigns and a variety of events all for the benefit of carers of various ages and the people they care for.

  • Testimonials

    Changing roles

    "Throughout my life Mum's been there to look after me, even after I got married Mum was around to help me and support us. Now the tables are turned and it's my turn to look after her. I don't begrudge it but sometimes I miss my Mum as she was." With the help and support from Handsworth carers group I have been able to get support as a carer and for my mother who has dementia. I often felt so isolated before we knew handsworth carers group that has now give me a sense of new life as a proud carer."